What is your filming style?

we specialize in creating modern art-house films that incorporate narrative storytelling and music video style edits. Essentially, we showcase Our couple's personality in a bold, refined, and cinematic fashion, while straying away from the cringe-worthy moments.

how will you work on my wedding day?

on the day of your wedding, you can expect us to be capturing mostly candid moments. The only time you’ll really see us asking for something in particular is during the portraits while we’re working with your photographers. We do our best to keep our couples true to their character, as opposed purposely staging poses that would otherwise feel unnatural.

Where are you located? Do you Travel?

we are based in west chester, pa and will certainly travel!

How would you work with my photographer?

with us, we like to view our fellow Photographers as teammates. we acknowledge that we’re both trying to accomplish the same thing, just with a different medium. therefore, we always try to collaborate by capturing the same moments, and sharing similar angles. This minimizes the number of times the couple will have pose and enables us to capture your wedding without compromise.

How are the song selections determined?

based on the music selection at your wedding, We pick 3 songs that we think would be suitable for you. however, if we were really off-base with our intuition, then you definitely have the option to request different songs before the editing begins.